Be Modern FLARE Athena Electric Fire

The Be Modern FLARE Athena Electric Fire melds modern elegance with efficiency. It offers customizable trims, ensuring a seamless blend with various interiors. Its efficient LED flame effect provides year-round ambiance, and the user-friendly controls allow easy adjustment of settings. The thermostat ensures energy-efficient heat regulation, making it a practical and stylish addition.


Original price was: £390.00.Current price is: £319.00.

Product Description

The Be Modern FLARE Athena Electric Fire, a part of the esteemed FLARE Collection by Be Modern, exemplifies contemporary design and versatility, suitable for insetting into a fireplace opening. With its exquisite attention to detail and a glowing log fuel bed, the Athena electric fire is available in various trims, including all silver, silver with a black horizontal base bar (Duo), and an all-black finish, allowing customization to blend with different interiors seamlessly.

This modern-inspired electric fire is designed with a flame effect-only setting, which enables you to enjoy the ambience of highly efficient LED flames without the emission of heat, allowing for all-year-round use. The high-level switches at the top side of the fire’s trim facilitate easy control of the flame effect and heat settings without bending down, enhancing user convenience.

When additional warmth is needed, the Be Modern FLARE Athena Electric Fire has a concealed fan heater above the flame effect, offering 1kW and 2kW settings. Including a thermostat allows for automatic heat regulation, turning the heater off once the room attains the desired temperature, ensuring efficient energy use.

In response to rising energy prices, the Be Modern FLARE Athena Electric Fire model integrates the latest LED technology, ensuring light running costs (approximately £2 per year on a flame-only setting) and boasts an extremely long life expectancy, making it a sustainable choice. The fire requires a 140mm inset depth for installation.

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