Outset Gas Fires

Introducing our classic range of Outset Gas Fires, a timeless heating solution bringing warmth and style to your home. Traditional in appeal, these fires are designed to be outset onto the hearth, with some models offering wall-mounted options, providing versatility in installation. Our Outset Gas Fires radiate a comforting ambience, marked by their high-quality build and efficient heat output. Explore our extensive collection to find the perfect Outset Gas Fire that complements your home’s aesthetic, combining durability, elegance, and traditional charm.

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Discover the enduring charm and functionality of our Outset Gas Fires. These traditional fires, suitable for hearth outset or, sometimes, wall mounting, serve as focal points that enrich your living space with warmth and style. Whether your home embodies a classic or contemporary aesthetic, our range of Outset Gas Fires is tailored to blend seamlessly with your décor. Reach out to our experienced team to learn more about our array of models and find the one that aligns perfectly with your needs, ensuring a cosy and inviting atmosphere.