Elgin & Hall Chollerton 22″ Cast Stove Front Electric Fire

The Elgin & Hall Chollerton 22 Cast Stove Front Electric Fire blends sophistication with modern functionality, offering a realistic, stove-like experience with the convenience of electric heating. With a visually striking flame effect and meticulous design, it provides efficient heating and customisable features, including a 7-day programmable thermostat. This eco-conscious model is a seamless addition for those valuing a mix of tradition and contemporary elegance.

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Product Description

The Elgin & Hall Chollerton 22 Cast Stove Front Electric Fire marries sophistication with functionality, allowing the users to experience the allure of a real stove and the convenience and modernity of an electric fire. This innovative design manifests the blend of traditional and contemporary, with a Matt Black Cast front that fits directly onto the Chollerton electric fire, exuding elegance and a sense of timeless charm.

This 22″ to 16″ Chollerton Cast Stove Front is a marvel of art and technology. They are designed to fit a 22″ cut-out back panel against a standard 16″ chimney opening without necessitating additional building work. It brings a unique and visually striking flame effect to life, creating a picturesque and serene centrepiece in any room. The hand-painted, illuminated logs nestled within the fire add an extra layer of realism, enhancing the overall aesthetic and ambience of the setting.

Beyond its visual appeal, The Elgin & Hall Chollerton 22 Cast Stove Front Electric Fire also excels in performance and user-friendly features. It emits up to 2kW of heat, efficiently warming the space and enveloping it in a cosy and comfortable atmosphere. Including a flame effect-only setting allows users to enjoy the stunning visual display even without the heat, making it a versatile companion for all seasons. Control and customisation are at your fingertips with the Chollerton, thanks to the three flame colour settings and five flame brightness levels. The 7-day programmable thermostat remote control offers ultimate convenience, allowing users to tailor the settings to their preferences and schedule, optimising comfort and energy use.

The model’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its Eco Design Compliance, ensuring that you make an environmentally conscious choice while basking in its warmth and beauty. In conclusion, the Elgin & Hall Chollerton 22 Cast Stove Front Electric Fire epitomises style, efficiency, and innovation, making it a delightful addition to any home seeking a blend of tradition and modernity.

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