Elgin & Hall Pryzm Arteon 1250 Electric Fire

The Elgin & Hall Pryzm Arteon 1250 Electric Fire combines versatile installation choices with state-of-the-art design. This 1250mm model boasts a captivating 5D flame effect, customizable LED colors, and a realistic log set. With a powerful 1.5kW heater, it not only enchants but warms spaces efficiently. An embodiment of luxury, it’s a show-stopping centrepiece for modern interiors.

Original price was: £1,725.00.Current price is: £1,459.00.

Product Description

The Elgin & Hall Pryzm Arteon 1250 Electric Fire is a remarkable and versatile piece, allowing installation options of one, two, or three sides straight from the box. It is offered in three convenient sizes, with the model here being the 1250mm version. This model epitomizes panoramic excellence, enveloping spaces with its 5D flame effect, glowing ember effect, and an ultra-realistic, hand-painted log display.

This stunning fire feature illuminates spaces with a shimmering fuel bed with a multi-LED effect, featuring 13 dimmable colour options and a rotation setting. The downlights intensify the illumination of the loose logs, creating a mesmerizing and ultimate flame performance that will captivate any room.

Owners are privileged to design their ideal fuel bed effect with inclusive pebbles, bark, slate, and crystals, ensuring a customized and bespoke finish. Additionally, the optional LED mood lighting kit offers many colours and settings, controllable by the same remote as the fuel bed, enabling users to set their perfect ambience.

Beyond its visual magnificence, the Arteon 1250 delivers a comforting 1.5kW heat through a discreet heater system, allowing users to manage the heat output, flame settings, and fuel bed colour options with the 7-day programmable thermostat remote, ensuring the desired ambience is achieved with ease. It is also design-compliant and comes with a 3-year extended warranty upon registering, highlighting its commitment to quality and environmental consciousness.

Whether it’s a sophisticated soirée or a tranquil evening alone, the Elgin & Hall Pryzm Arteon 1250 Electric Fire ensures your room is warmed and transformed into a luxurious, inviting space. It is a beautiful, bespoke centrepiece, perfectly complementing rooms of any size and shape with its blend of innovation, elegance, and top-tier design.

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