How to check your Solid Fuel Engineer is HETAS Registered

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This article will cover the following points: 

  • Should I use a HETAS registered professional?

  • What you should look out for on a HETAS ID Card

Are you about to have work carried out on a domestic heating appliance but are unsure whether you have consulted the right professional for the job? Find out if you require and engineer to carry out your designated task and how to check if your chosen solid fuel engineer is HETAS registered below.


Within England and Wales any domestic solid fuel installation including wood and biomass stoves, boilers, open fires and any associated systems for heating and providing hot water etc are subject to Building Regulations. Most work conducted on these appliances is by law is notifiable to the Local Authority and subject to a Building Regulations Inspection and subsequent Certification.

Should I use a HETAS registered professional?

By using HETAS registered installers, service engineers and chimney sweeps you can rest assured that the tradesman or woman is competent to carry out the work required . A HETAS engineer is able to self- certify the installation/work carried out and issue you with the HETAS Certificate of Compliance, certifying that the work carried out has been completed to the required high standard and meets building regulations as well as being safe and well.

All HETAS installers, service engineers and chimney sweeps registered on the competent persons register are appropriately trained in the servicing, maintenance, and installation of bio-mass and solid fuel appliances and are fully insured to work in your home. Always ask to see an installers, service engineers or chimney sweeps HETAS ID card before any work is carried out.

Verify the engineers identity by ensuring that the person on the card is the person standing in front of you, and that this person represents the company who you have engaged with. Check the expiry date and the list of competencies listed on the back of the card and that the installer, service engineer or chimney sweep is qualified to carry out the work you want done.

What you should look out for on a HETAS ID Card

Check it! You can further check the authenticity of the identification card by checking and the registration number by

telephoning 01242  681270  or visiting the HETAS web site.

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