ChimFireStop: The Chimney Fire Extinguisher

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ChimFex Offers Special Incentive to Help Homeowners Protect Their Family and Home

Easton (MD) – Fall is when families across America prepare and begin to use their wood burning stoves and fireplaces. It is also the time when firefighters and safety professionals focus on fire prevention and fire safety with National Chimney Safety Week September 28–October 4 and Fire Prevention Week October 5–11, 2014. To support fire safety, Orion, the manufacturer of Chimfex, is providing special savings offers to homeowners so they can be prepared in the event of a chimney fire.

Every year in the U.S., an average 25,000 chimney fires occur, accounting for up to $100 million in damages. Thousands of people are hurt each year as a result of chimney fires, and both homeowners’ and firefighters’ lives are lost. Chimney fires can start and spread quickly and if not extinguished promptly, water damage from putting out the fire can cause significant property and financial loss. The key for homeowners is to take precautions to prevent chimney fires and be prepared to extinguish them should they occur.

To reduce the risk of chimney fires, the Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends that homeowners regularly have their chimneys checked and cleaned by a chimney cleaning professional. The Chimney Safety Institute of America has awarded Chimfex its prestigious Accepted Product Status, a status that Orion proudly prints on its product displays. The Accepted Product Status was awarded to Chimfex based on the product’s tested ability to quickly and safely extinguish chimney fires.

“Chimfex uses proprietary technology from our other safety products to immediately deprive a chimney fire of the oxygen needed to keep it burning. Independent research by Omni Test Laboratories proves that Chimfex can extinguish a chimney fire in as little as 22 seconds, and in just two minutes it reduces chimney temperatures an average of 53 percent and reduces chimney oxygen levels an average of 43 percent,” Orion President, Jay McLaughlin, explained. “This is critical because it stops the fire from spreading and doesn’t require extensive amounts of water to put out the fire, which often causes more damage than the fire itself. We receive a lot of letters from homeowners that live far from fire stations telling us that Chimfex literally saved their house from burning down. We’re also proud that, like other highway, marine, and outdoor safety products, a large number of safety and fire professional buy and use Chimfex.”

Chimfex is easy to use and it is recommended that homeowners keep the product in close proximity to their wood burning fireplace or stove so that it is easily accessible in the case of a chimney fire.  If a chimney fire starts, a homeowner can quickly ignite the Chimfex, place it in the fireplace or stove, and close the opening. Chimfex will absorb the oxygen and put out the fire quickly and safely.  To see how Chimfex works, go to www.chimfex.com.

When asked why Orion was providing special savings for Chimfex, Bob Defonte, Orion’s V.P. Sales & Marketing, stated, “We work closely with the Chimney Safety Institute of America and other chimney sweep and fire professionals & safety organizations to help educate people about fire safety, ways to prevent home fires, and how to extinguish fires when they occur.  We want to encourage homeowners to be prepared in the event of home chimney fires and so, we want to make special offers available to help them buy our products.

Paul Ross Chimfex

ChimFireStop The Chimney Fire Extinguisher 3


The european name ChimFex

We are proud to announce that “European tested” can now be added to:

– Independent tested in the America by Omni Test Laboratories

– The Chimney Safety Institute of America awarding Chimfex its prestigious Accepted Product Status

– Proven to put out chimney fires in America for over 45 years

(Section from 40 page testing report)


Certification Company have done a conformity study for the purpose of the Certification of the ChimFireStop. The product is classified as being a product and must meet the relevant provisions of the Guideline on General Product Safety 2001/95/EG. The conformity study has led to the following conclusions.

ChimFireStop The Chimney Fire Extinguisher(This report complies with all the specific requirements derived from the Guideline on General Product Safety.
November 2015 : Date of revision of report: July 2016)

Paul Ross Chimfex

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hi, Do you sell these ChimFex chimney fire stoppers? I keep finding mentions of how great they are but no-one in the UK sells them!

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