Making your Oak Fire Surround look like new using Using Oil and Stain.

Make your Oak Fire Surround look like new using oil and stain.

Your fireplace should be a beaming focal point that stands proudly in your living room and is the talking point of your friends the moment they leave your home. The appearance of your oak fire surround can be completely altered by changing the existing finish using Danish Oil and other types of finishing stains.

Changing the finish of your oak fire surround is a simple and cost effective way to alternate the appearance of your fireplace. Checking the material of your fireplace is a great place to start as you can make sure that your fireplace is made from genuine solid oak. The best place to check this is by viewing the end grain. The end grain of your oak fireplace can usually be found on the edge of your mantel shelf. The end grain is easily identifiable as the appearance is noticeably different from that of the face.

To make sure that you achieve the best finish possible make sure that you sand the existing finish from the surround. A belt sander is the most appropriate tool for this job and will make the sanding of your oak fire surround easy. One your surround has been sanded back to its original base it is ready for the application of your desired finish.

Danish oil: – Is a common finish of most fireplaces due to its versatile finish and easy application. Danish oil will appear as a light brown colour when applied to unfinished oak. Danish oil can be applied in coats to ensure that your fire surrounds finish looks as great as it can be.

Medium oak stain: – Similar to Danish oil a water based medium oak stain will soak into the grain of the oak and reveal characteristics unique to your fire surround. Danish oil can be applied on top of a medium oak finish to further darken the final colour.

More coats of Danish oil can be applied to your fire surround to enhance the appearance and to keep it looking as good as new. Changing the finish on your oak fire surrounds is easy and yet effective, the finish on your fire surround can transform the overall appearance of your fireplace. You can purchase stains for natural oak from your local DIY store, and most stains can be applied with the use of a polishing rag and a dry cloth.

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