Why Modern Electric Fireplaces are the Future of Home Decor


Having a fireplace of any kind in your home adds both physical warmth and an incredibly welcoming element to your home. Whether it’s crackling flames in a wood-burning stove, a roaring gas fire, or the subtle glow of modern electric fireplaces, warmth (and the illusion of warmth) makes a home so much more comfortable and inviting. When it comes to UK homes, modern electric fireplaces are fast overtaking both gas and wood-burning fires as the heating and decor options of choice. Let’s explore why Brits are turning to electric fires more and more and how this design element can improve the overall look and feel of your home.

Why Are Modern Electric Fireplaces Taking Over the Market?

Modern electric fireplaces are rapidly gaining popularity in the UK and are revolutionising home heating and decor. With their sleek designs, 100% energy efficiency, and hassle-free installation and operation, these innovative heating solutions are becoming the preferred choice for many homeowners. I’ve seen the popularity of modern electric fireplaces boom over recent years, and I’ll delve into nine compelling reasons why electric fireplaces are taking over the market.

Volatility of Gas Prices

Gas prices in the UK have been increasing year on year and lately even more frequently than that. There are a number of reasons for the volatility of gas prices in the UK at the moment:

Firstly- we simply do not have enough gas to go around. Gas, like many other natural resources, is not infinite. According to Gas Infrastructure Europe, the UK has just ten terawatt hours (TWh) of gas available. Compared with Italy’s 166, Germany’s 216, France’s 125 TWh, and the Netherlands’ 116 TWh, that’s simply not enough to manage the UK’s gas needs (512 TWh of gas per year). In a modern capitalist market, when supply dries up, and demand remains the same or increases, prices soar.

The added complication of the invasion of Ukraine is another major reason for Europe’s gas volatility, Russia’s sustained campaign against Ukraine has brought forth a number of EU sanctions, throttled the supply of many goods, and promoted panic buying. Every time Putin threatens to cut off his regime’s supply of gas to Europe, things worsen.

Asia and South America are also now buying more gas. Over recent months Asian nations, such as China, Japan, and South Korea have bought enormous quantities of LNG to help them transition coal to gas power, further lessening available quantities and again, pushing prices up. Gas is still a relatively reliable and cost friendly heating solution, but for how long?

Frustration of Users

Given all the above information, it’s hardly surprising that many UK citizens are turning to modern electric fireplaces as they are more certain of a regular supply of electric power. Finding a beautiful, functional, eclectic fireplace is easier now than it has ever been, with many companies offering very attractive and chic options with far more “real fireplace” feel than ever before. It’s essential to have a heating solution that will function all winter long. Being stuck without heat when snow is falling outside is simply not an option for healthy, safe, and comfortable living in the UK.

Cost of Solid Fuel

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when almost every home in the UK had a wood-burning (or charcoal) stove or an open fireplace. This was the primary source of heat in cold countries before electricity became a stable enough utility to power heating during long winters when temperatures regularly dropped to freezing.

Wood-burning stoves and fireplaces are still popular due to the cosy ambience they add to a room, but the price of ethically sourced, dry and sustainable wood is higher than ever. Plus, there is the matter of having the space for a log store for winter- something that not every home is able to manage as the population continues to increase and space becomes a more and more precious commodity.

Widespread Availability & Choice

When electric fireplaces first became widely available in the 50s, they took over the market quickly. With the Clean Air Act being passed to minimise the air pollution and smog that was permanent over big cities like London, many Brits turned to the electric fireplace as a solution to both the heating and air pollution issues. Like many new products, the demand waned, and the aesthetic value of the wood-burning stove or fireplace won out again for a number of years.

Now that demand is once again increasing, modern electric fireplaces are available from a wider range of suppliers than ever before. A variety of different spaces need different-sized fireplaces, and the diversity of aesthetic tastes that has emerged is now catered to as well.

Mounting a TV above a fireplace is a constant upward trend amongst young families, and it’s easy to see why. There is real value in combining a television and a fireplace, in older houses it was commonplace to have a fireplace in one part of the room, and a TV in another. But with new build homes seemingly getting smaller and smaller, it’s more necessary than ever to ensure you maximise the space available, leading to a TV/Fireplace combo!

Where once you were only likely to find a small selection of sizes, shapes, and finishes, there is now a plethora of options from the recent craze of Media Walls, the vintage but modern charm of solid oak, through to classic stone fireplaces and everything in between, to suit every palate and style you could want or imagine. 

Ease of Installation

Since all modern UK homes already have an electricity supply installed, the ease of setting up most modern electric fireplaces is definitely a factor in its current popularity. Where a wood-burning stove may require demolition and reconstruction and a gas fireplace may require the installation of a gas supply that the home in question does not already have, electricity is present in almost all British homes.

Installing an electric fireplace could be as easy as plugging in a new unit in some cases, and we touch on this more in our recent article entitled “Fireplace Installation Guide: Who Should You Hire?” The most that you’ll need to do is clear a little space and have a new outlet installed by a qualified electrician so that your fireplace sits in a spot that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical from a heating standpoint. No venting system, extra safety concerns, or frustrating and expensive construction is necessary.


Being able to turn your fireplace on and off exactly when you need or don’t need it means that you’re wasting none of the heat that you’re paying for. The heater goes on when temperatures begin to drop and remains on until the temperature in the room or house is satisfactory; then you can turn it off and bask in the comfort of a warm home for some time before it’s necessary to turn it on again.

If you have a wood-burning stove or fireplace, you may only get 30% of the heat produced by the fuel you’re paying to burn- a vast quantity goes straight up the chimney. Modern electric fireplaces are incredibly efficient at heating large spaces and some can, should you need to, move from room to room to follow your family’s daily needs and activities.

Modern electric fireplaces also have the major added benefit of being able to just have the LED lighting active, but not the heater, this way you get the inviting warm glow of a fire, without the actual heat.

Environmental Concerns

From an environmental sustainability point of view, electric fireplaces are also a sound choice due to their energy-saving capabilities. Modern electric fireplaces release no greenhouse gases, which means you know that you’re doing your part to minimise the problems associated with global warming. No soot or extra waste is produced when you use an electric fireplace either, and no harmful gases are released into your home, so your respiratory health and safety are guaranteed.

Low Maintenance

Modern electric fireplaces are the most low-maintenance option of all the fireplaces you could choose. There is no potentially dangerous buildup in a chimney, so no need to hire a chimney sweep. There is no debris to clear away after you’ve had a fire going, no soot on windows, no smell of smoke lingering in an otherwise pristine room. An electric fireplace is just switched on and off- no mess and no fuss.

Improving Realism

Modern electric fireplaces now offer a far more realistic fireplace experience. Many models have visual displays included that effectively mimic the dancing flames of a genuine wood-burning fire, which is often a primary reason for the installation of any kind of fireplace to begin with. Some models may even use the water vapour created by condensation to create a mist that resembles wood smoke. If you’re looking for something practical and energy-efficient but don’t want to give up the cosy feel of a wood-burning fireplace, you don’t have to as electric log burners are a thing!

Some models offer flames of different colours to match the decor in your home and even improve the coordination of the room in question.

Gear Up for a Warm, Cozy Winter

Make this winter the warmest and cosiest you’ve had by installing an electric fireplace in your home. Easy, simple, and beautiful, these modern electric fireplaces outstrip models of the past in both effectiveness and aesthetic appeal, so there has never been a better time to switch things up in your home. Minimise your carbon footprint, go easy on your pocket, and keep your home comfortable all winter long with one of our modern electric fireplaces, and you’ll never look back.

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