Replacing a Fire Surround without removing your existing Back Panel and Hearth

How to measure a rebate with and without removing the existing surround.

Rebate: – The Rebate is the depth needed to accommodate any inset being placed inside the fire surround.

Measuring a correct rebate is an important part of ordering your new fire surround. Measuring the correct rebate ensures that your new surround will fit flush back to your existing inset, an example being your back panel.
There are two ways in which you can measure an existing rebate, follow the simple steps below.

1.    If you would prefer not to remove your existing surround, your rebate can still be obtained by measuring the outer and inner return of your fire surround leg.
Measure the outside of the leg from the front to the back to gain the measurement of the outer return, as the diagram below shows on this particular surround the measurement is 100mm.
Measure the inner leg of your fire surround from the front of the leg to the back panel. As displayed in the example below this measurement is 75mm.


You will now need to subtract the inner return measurement from the outer return measurement; the difference between both measurements will be your rebate size.
100mm (outer leg measurement) – 75mm (inner leg measurement) =25mm (REBATE)

2.    There is another simple method that you can use to measure your rebate; this is obtained by measuring the items that are on your wall such as your back panel.
Firstly you will need to remove your existing fire surround. This will reveal your current inset and allow you to take an accurate measurement of the items on your wall.

The thickness of the items on your wall will be your current rebate, in the example shown the rebate is the distance from the wall to the front of the existing panel, not just the thickness of the panel.
Although the above rebate is shown at 25mm all rebate sizes can vary depending on the sizes of existing insets.

For any further assistance in measuring for a rebate please contact your fire surround supplier who will be more than happy to help.

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