The use of slabbed granite with open fires.

There are different components to every fireplace your panel, fire surround, your fire. Your fireplace hearth is the platform on which your new fireplace will proudly stand. Deciding to purchase a new fireplace can be a big decision so it’s essential to know the important information that applies to you and the different ways in which your choice of hearth and back panel can be affected by your choice of fire.

Cracking should be heard only from the fuel burning in your new fire, not on your granite set. There are different compatibilities between granite sets and fires. Solid fuel fires and stoves emit a high level of heat from the burning of high-efficiency fuels, you must ensure that your granite set will be able to adjust to the effects of the heat. There is a process known in the fireplace industry as slabbing. Many standard unslabbed granite sets cannot withstand the temperatures emitted by high-efficiency open fires, this can cause the panel and hearth to crack due to concentrated heat and slight movements within the set itself.

Commonly a slabbed hearth and back panel will have been cut, reformed with filled with concrete. The concrete inside your hearth and panel will absorb the heat output from your fire and evenly distribute it around the space of the space of the set, this will prevent a concentration of heat from causing a crack. The manufactured cuts will allow for slight movement so that your granite panel and hearth can contract and expand without putting strain on the stone itself. This simple process of manufacturing can prevent cracking within the components of your fireplace and can be applied to both the hearth and back panel.

Choosing the correct granite set will ensure that your fireplace looks great, remains safe and will continue to be a popular focal point in your home for years to come.

If you are planning to buy a new fireplace and would like to know more information about the types of fires, hearths and back panels that are available to you visit your local showroom. There are fireplace showrooms across the UK that showcase a large range of fires, stoves and fireplaces. Many showrooms are run by experienced professionals who have been working within the fireplace industry for years and will be able to guide you on choosing the correct hearth and back panel for your desired fire as well as inform you on future maintenance solutions that will keep your fireplace looking great. If you have any concerns about your current granite set contact your local showroom immediately.

You can find a showroom, Gas engineer, Hetas engineer and fireplace installer local to you by visiting You will be able to view a number of showrooms and services in your local area as well as see photos and contact details for each individual business.

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