Types of Solid Fuel Suitable for Open Fire Places

Types of Solid Fuel Suitable for Open Fire Places


Below you will find a list of commonly used types of coal availiable from your local coal merchant or fuel supplier, their burn qualities and their suitability for open fires and solid fuel appliances. 





Bituminous House Coal

ü  Economically priced  

ü  Available in several different sizes

Cobbles – approximately 4”-6” (100mm -150mm)

Trebles – approximately 1 ½ ”- 3” (38mm – 80mm)

Doubles –approximately 1” – 2” (25mm – 50mm)




NB  6% ash content,  2% sulphur content.   Bituminous house coal should not be used on multi-fuel stoves or cookers unless recommended by the individual stove or cooker manufacturer. Nor should bituminous  house coal be used in areas designated as smokeless zones other than on a DEFRA exempt appliance.




ü  A Smokeless hexagonal briquette.

ü  Well suited for use in open fires.

ü  Lights easily  

ü  Burns with a long, glowing flame.







ü  Economically priced

ü  Smokeless ovoid

ü   Well suited for use in an open fire.








 NB   Supertherm is not necessarily available in all areas.




ü  A solid mineral fuel with 30% renewable plant material.

ü  Multi-purpose hexagonal briquette

ü  Available pre-packed comprising

ü   Smokeless and emitting 25% less CO₂ than bituminous housecoal.






Homefire Ovals

   Clean-burning, multi-purpose smokeless ovoid.

ü   Identifiable by two parallel lines across the middle of the ovoid.

ü  High overall radiant heat output.

ü   Long refuelling intervals due to prolonged burning rate.





Coalite Newflame

ü  Multi-purpose 100g pillow shaped ovoid suitable for open fires.

ü  Smokeless and easy to light   

ü  Long burn time.  

ü  High radiant heat output  

ü  Burns with a lively attractive flame.

ü   Little ash or clinker.







ü  Smokeless ovoid for use on open fires.










 ü  Smokeless briquette well suited for  open fires














ü  Smokeless briquette suitable for open fires









Never use mineral based solid fuels in wood burning appliances (see Introducing wood as a fuel). Mineral fuel burns hotter than wood and must always be burnt on a grate please be sure to insert the solid fuel grate in a multi-fuel stove before burning mineral based solid fuels.  


Always buy solid fuel from an Approved Coal Merchant and look for the approved Coal Merchant logo (see Coal Merchant Federaton or the Solid Fuel Association)










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