Celsi Accent Traditional Electric Fire

The Celsi Accent Traditional Electric Fire combines elegance and innovative design, offering a lively ribbon flame effect and a realistic coal effect fuel bed. Featuring a two-piece arrangement with options in chrome or brass finishes, it provides LED brightness control, thermostatic remote, and manual control, blending traditional charm with modern convenience.


Original price was: £375.00.Current price is: £329.00.

Product Description

Introducing the Celsi Accent Traditional Electric Fire, where elegance meets innovative design to create a centrepiece that exudes refinement and warmth. This electric inset fire brings traditional charm to any space while offering the benefits of modern enhancements.

It features an enchanting, lively ribbon flame effect, allowing beautiful flames to emerge through illusion and advanced LED light technology. These distinctive electric fire effects are designed to excite, enriching your environment with an atmospheric glow and a highly realistic coal effect fuel bed, meticulously arranged to accentuate its authentic appeal.

The simplicity of the Celsi Accent Traditional Electric Fire design lies in its two-piece arrangement, comprising a fabricated steel trim, available in chrome or brass finishes, and a matching cast-iron Grace fret. The fret includes a removable ashpan, ensuring easy access for manual control when needed, offering you both convenience and control.

The LED brightness control allows you to tailor the ambience to your preference, be it a subtle flicker or a radiant blaze. The thermostatic remote and manual control operation makes adjusting settings easy, whether relaxing on your couch or standing nearby. The Celsi Accent Traditional Electric Fire is a harmonious blend of the old and the new, allowing you to enjoy the charm of a traditional fire with the convenience and versatility of modern enhancements.

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