Elgin & Hall Pryzm Volta 32″ Hole-in-Wall Electric Fire

The Elgin & Hall Pryzm Volta 32 Hole-in-Wall Electric Fire melds elegance and innovation, creating a customizable, visual masterpiece suitable for any space. The intricate 5D flame effects, detailed logs, and a multifaceted LED fuel bed offer a captivating experience. With sleek trim options and a programmable thermostatic remote, it combines convenience, aesthetic versatility, and a harmonious installation process.


Original price was: £1,100.00.Current price is: £929.00.

Product Description

The Elgin & Hall Pryzm Volta 32 Hole-in-Wall Electric Fire epitomises aesthetic elegance and modern innovation, designed to blend seamlessly with pre-fabricated plasterboard or masonry chimney breasts. This versatile masterpiece is the compact variant of its 42″ counterpart, making it a harmonious fit for both cosy and expansive spaces. The patent-pending 5D flame effect elevates the visual spectacle, presenting a panoramic portrait of dancing flames that add a new dimension of realism and a mesmerising rhythm to the ambience.

The Elgin & Hall Pryzm Volta 32 Hole-in-Wall Electric Fire allows for intricate customisation with three flame colour settings and five flame brightness settings, adapting effortlessly to the desired mood and atmosphere of the room. The multi-LED effect fuel bed enriches the visual palette with 13 colour options and a rotation setting, harmoniously enhancing the glowing ember effect and contributing to the overall aesthetic allure of the fire.

Convenience is interwoven into its design, with a 7-day programmable thermostatic remote control allowing easy adjustments to heating schedules and preferences, ensuring a harmonious balance between elegance and functionality. The sleek trim options, available in low-profile Chrome or Black Nickel, allow the Volta to resonate with various interior decors, embodying a timeless elegance. The meticulous design and thoughtful integration of innovative features make the installation process swift and straightforward.

The synergy of the shimmering fuel bed and the detailed hand-painted logs of the Elgin & Hall Pryzm Volta 32 Hole-in-Wall Electric Fire result in a captivating visual experience enriched by the glowing ember and the post-flame smouldering smoke effect, enveloping the observer in a visual symphony of warmth and elegance.

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